WOMAD New Zealand I had a blast! It was tough for me throughout the whole weekend with not being well but after flicking through some photos I soon realised it was all worth it!!

I met some absolutely amazing people & shared many stories with not strangers but friends I had not met yet. For the 3x stunning days & 3x amazing nights not only did I take photos of special moments but I danced, I ate (no drinking, maybe a couple  I got in the centre of crowds in front of amazing Artists & Performers along some special people, not something I have been able to do for a few years now, unforgettable…

Canon New Zealand & Craig Cardie, Thank you so much for getting in behind me & sponsoring me some equipment, meant a lot especially coming from such a huge company as yourselves. It’s not often someone will stop and pick you up when fallen, so thank you…

Cleo & the whole Team at WOMAD, thank you so much for making me feel so welcomed, I really hope you realise the smiles & memories you guys have brought to thousands of people, including myself.

I also got to met a very kind man by the name of #DavidWolfin, David I found out later was one of the founders of WOMAD, David thank you for being so kind to me & for showing me around.

So here are a few of the snaps I caught along the way, from cooking shows with the one & only/amazing #JaxHamilton from #MasterChef to some of the BEST entertainers such as #JoJoAbot & many more, what a privilege.

I am looking forward to #WOMADNewZealand2019 already!
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